Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm doing good on my new blog. My son is a techie person , so he has been lending a hand. He got my link up and running. So now it's easy to link between by facebook and blog. Having a great time with this blogging. I just need more visitors to drop by.

Catch you later, blogger friends,

Mom and Son Talking Long Distance

I am all for open communication and my college-ridden son Bart tries hard calling me regularly:

B: He calls on Monday, “Mom, hi, I am on my way to classes, sorry have to go, the bus is here, “
“I didn’t know you take the bus, I thought you are walking.”

B: “I’ve got to hang up now… ”

Then he calls Tuesday, “I am running and holding the phone, and I can’t really talk to you, call you later, bye, I love you…later.”

And on Wednesday night he speaks hushed stage whisper, “I am in a library, everybody is studying and they may suspend my library card for disturbing peace.”

“Sure, so why are you calling?

“To tell you I’ll talk to you -- later ….bye now.”

Why do I need to know that, I wonder, and it is awful noisy in this library. I am standing with the phone in my hand like a betrayed lover -- long signal buzzing -- put on-hold indefinitely. Later is my middle name. Some are Mothers Superior. I am Mom Later.

Ssome time between then and now I would make it to the enviable destination: the reef of Belize, Matterhorn, Trinidad -- Tobago , or the snowy beaches of Vail -- Colorado. And that adds a tangible benefit to motherhood. It is as good as life gets. My phone, under the circumstances, is a non-item in but it rings. And it is my son calling in the middle of his biology class. He has all the time to talk “ What’s the weather like” and “How is spring skiing, is the powder puffy enough for you, are the clouds snow friendly? Is the China Bowl as deep as it used to be? Is the hot cocoa real in the Two-Elk Lodge?”

I jump on the opportunity , telling him about lift #11 and the Highline Run, that looks like a gently rolling sea from a chairlift seat. A couple 3-year-olds “Reminded me so much of you, remember?” zipping down in no time like telescoped ninjas, playing hide and seek with the bumps, “And here I am, hanging to the bulging white half-way down an hour later, resting every 5 minutes, figuring how to pitch a tent to overnight on the moguls. They have a bronze sculpture of a resting bear at the base next to the ticket office: his front paws are thrown to the right, his hind leg is bent, he looks spent. At the end of the day my legs are like cotton, so soft I want to stay with this bear.” He doesn’t think it is funny -- because it isn’t.

And then we both zoom in, “Remember the Deer Valley sticker you brought me. Could you bring me one from Vail and Beaver Creek, the places we’ve skied ? ” The Weee word softens the ice I stand on, he remembers…

Big gifts come in small packages. My all grown-up son takes time to call asking me for a sticker. It brings back a memory of a bank teller offering me a lollypop. My account is overdrawn, they shut my water for non-payment, and my otherwise bilingual dog is in psychological distress for damping on him Spanish-speaking sitter while I am gone. Lollypop does sound great.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Blogging workshop, etc

I, too, appreciated the work shop and am trying to get started. One thing I found on line is "The Photography Blog Handbook" a 36 page manual designed for photographers but which is loaded with information that anyone who, like me, is trying to get started. It's put out by a subsidiary of Adorama, a photographic equipment and supply company ( The website for the subsidiary is That manual is free and down;oadable

Anyhow, I'm hoping to use a blog as a supplement to my website ( to keep people updated about my work and to offer details not included on my website. For those who might be interested, my website contains photos from the Greek Aegean islands, information about the novels that are set in those islands I am working on, as well as information about me and my background.

So, my question to you all is, are these reasonable goals and appropriate use of a blog.


I appreciate the seminar, and think I can set up a blog now, but think I'll just try posting for a while until I have a chance to learn a few more things. I'm glad to be part of the group.
Linda M.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Well, dear friends, I'm blogging. You guys were right!!!!! It was easy. Thank you for the workshop.
It was super. I learned a lot and look forward to the next session for more info.

Thanks again,


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Poetry and Spirituality

Hello Carnegie Workshop Classmates

I was inspired and armed with a little technical knowledge after a few days of thinking about of the ideas from the workshop, set up a blog!
I am using the blog initially to help me with obtaining information for a research paper on Thomas Merton. I will then use the blog for a more general discussion of poets, poetry and reflection of the spirit of the times as well as how poets reflect their own spirituality and life journey by writing poems.

Poets, as do other types of artists and writers, have a visonary role in their culture.

They need to speak the messages they perceive.
Society needs them to speak and to listen of course to the messages.

Thank you Carnegie Center - I enjoyed the workshop!
The Poet Painter Seeks and Speaks!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

carnegie bloggers

So, FYI, I have ported these photos over to our Carnegie blog from my own blog using a "blog this" button. I originally blogged this photo from my phone (the others, too) using several photo apps on my phone (not required) -- i didn't really retouch this one much, but usually do -- and then I used PixelPipe to simultaneously post it to my blog, my flickr page, to Facebook, and to Twitter. Very efficient! I could have had it also post to THIS blog, but I hadn't set it up that way.