Saturday, April 24, 2010

Donna's Tardy Answers to Everyone's Questions

Why would you suggest that somebody blog?

Blogging is a fabulous forum to share ideas and opinions with the masses. With one post you can reach a multitude of people. Whether you are just updating family and friends abroad on the goings-on in your life or alerting the world about a mass alien conspiracy, a blog can do it. It is also a way to virtually meet and amass your army of like-minded people.

On a professional note, as a writer it is a vastly valuable tool for getting your name and work out. Keeping an on-line presence between books or projects can make all the difference. It gives your reader's a chance to get to know you as a person and gives you a chance to discuss upcoming events and work.

Do you have a favorite underrated or secret blogging tool/technique/modivator?

Since my Bourbonista Blog is a platform for my rants and ravings, I keep a notebook that I constantly update with a list of potential topics. Also, I read other blogs for motivation. And it never hurts to have your reader's post on Facebook and in your comments about how disappointed they are not to have seen a new blog that day despite the fact that you swore, in Scarlett O'Hara style, "God as my witness" that you would blog every day until June 14...which leads me to the next question...

How important is having a following? Be honest! Say why or why not!

At first, I thought I was purely blogging for myself and to use that function on my website to get my money's worth. Then, someone left a comment. I was thrilled and humbled and flattered. Someone had not only read my post, but was moved to leave an opinion. That moment I felt the mysterious power of the blog and knew the importance of having followers. Why? Because words are meant to be read...they die on the screen if someone doesn't consume them.

What is one surprising change in your life since you began blogging (at least semi-) seriously?

Loss of anonymity. For some reason, I felt invisible in my blog. This despite the fact that it is on which is my real name and my photo is right beside it. So, I wrote all my deepest, darkest opinions and relayed my worst behaviors and revealed my vulnerabilities openly. Then, out at dinner one evening a total stranger came up and said, "My husband cheated on me too. Did you ever decide how you were going to shave it?" (Refer to "Brazilian or Rain Forest" post) I realized that I opened the door to my life and there was no closing it. Since then I have been committed to keeping it as real and honest as I did in the beginning when I thought I was wearing the frock of invisibility.

What blogging platforms (Blogspot, Typepad, Wordpress, etc.) have you tried, and which do you like best, for what reasons?

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