Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mick's Answers to Morgan's Questions

1. What, in truth, is your goal [with this blogging thing]?

Thanks for asking. :-) My goal is pretty simple: I've collected a wonderful myriad of stories in my life. True stories. Amazing happenings. Grateful instances. I want to collect them so that I don't forget them.

That is the basic goal. Along the way, I've found that I get to share things that I've witnessed (AM witnessing, often). My blog is a personal inspection that has also taken on the additional aspect of me as a kind of Citizen Reporter, in the parlance of Umberto Eco, of the world-at-large and the things in it that I think are worth noting. Sometimes they're Big and Important, sometimes they're Pretty, sometimes their Mine and other times they belong to Somebody Else.

They're all important to me. I'd like for them to mean something to those who read my blog, but it's not my priority.

2. Do you have a newsletter in conjunction with your blog, or some other avenue for list-building? If so, what service do you use? What are your thoughts on list-building, in general?

It's not something that I've ever explored — which makes it something that I might one day explore. :-)

3. What is the first piece of advice you would give to someone who was curious about entering the big, bold and beautiful world of blogging?

Stop thinking about it and just do it. You can set up a blogger blog in 5 minutes. Get your feet wet and don't sweat the details. If, along the way, you get a clearer vision of what you really want to do, then just start another blog. And that one can be your Amazing Famous Blog. But let your first blog just be a tinker-toy. Let it.

4. What has been one of the most powerful post you have ever written? Why do you think it had the impact it had? Link to it so we can read too ;)

That's a hard one, of course, but mostly because my memory is so bad — which is exactly why I blog. :-) In recent times, I wrote a review of Avatar that generated a nice discussion.

I liked my post, regardless of the comments, because it was raw-bone honest. Almost histrionically so, imo. So it's less about the movie than it is about my values and how I sometimes feel very very dark about the world; Even though I think I am perceived — and try to present myself — as a positive and optimistic person.

So I though that in that post, I was being particularly candid. I'm not sure why candor means so much to me. It's not the singular focus on my blog, but it is definitely one of the crown jewels of an aspect of writing for me. This is probably my Journalism degree speaking.

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