Saturday, April 24, 2010

Participants' reasons for blog interest

Reasons to blog:

  • To start a conversation with members of an association
  • Start conversations and collaborate
  • To make events more interesting than standard event info on websites
  • To make an entity more viable, living

  • To attract members and a younger demographic
  • To promote a Christian nonfiction book, to share inspirations
  • To use a blog to write a book
  • To receive information as well as to give ("where can I..." etc.)
  • To promote a kid's Christian book coming out in June without just relying on little direct promotional blurbs
  • To offer little teasing bits in advance of a book's release
  • To create a brand - "Your blog is your brand." (Donna Ison)
  • To build on all the experiences that come from blogging (Mick Jeffries)
  • To experiment
  • To give readers one thing (Morgan Day Cecil)
  • To edit until you get it right, even after publishing (Donna and Mick)
  • To share the internet and links to help people understand what you're talking about -- more a community pull, more interactive
  • To make an outlet for writing
  • To help people find my writing and me, and to build a community
  • To be part of other people's communities

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