Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rona's first questions for Morgan, Mick, and Donna

A why question:
What is one surprising change in your life since you began blogging (at least semi-) seriously?

Rona's quick answer: Falling in love with images, especially ones that move, and falling a little bit out of my life-long love affair with words. See my recent Lexington Farmers' Market post for an example of hours spent with images instead of words.

A how question:
What blogging platforms (Blogspot, Typepad, Wordpress, etc.) have you tried, and which do you like best, for what reasons?

Rona's quick answer: Wordpress for power (three blogs so far) and Blogspot for ease and speed (five blogs, most of them private)

Another how questions:
We can find ourselves stuck in so many facets of blogging -- stumped for content, fazed by image management, unsure how to insert a table in a post, lost when it comes to graphic design, fearful others will steal our work, clueless about developing readership or sponsors or advertisers, just for starters. Name a few important resources you use to get unstuck, and identify which kinds of problems lead you to that resource.

Rona's quick answer: Most recently the most AMAZING thing has been the Digital Studio at the Northside Library. Both the classes, which are free and exceptionally user-friendly, on topics you need for blogging but even more so, the presence of instructors in the room during weekly open studio hours. Get stuck, ask a question, get unstuck, keep working -- all in about a minute, as opposed to the hours and days I have spent being stuck before this.

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